Asana Audit + Team Training

Our Asana Audit and Training Program aims to review current Asana usage within your team, identify areas for improvement, and provide targeted training to enhance proficiency.

What You Get During Training:

Asana Organization Setup: We'll tailor Asana to your practice's unique needs, creating custom projects, boards, and templates to manage your workflow seamlessly.

Asana Team Training: We'll train your team on using Asana effectively, maximizing their productivity and collaboration.

Strategic Meeting Templates: Stay on track and focused with pre-designed meeting templates for team huddles, patient tracking, and staff discussions.

Tailored Task Lists: Each team member gets personalized task lists based on their role, ensuring clear responsibilities and accountability.

Synchronized Team Calendar: Keep everyone informed with a centralized calendar, eliminating scheduling conflicts and keeping tasks on track.

Audit Process

Pre-Audit Questionnaire

Before the audit starts, you will receive a questionnaire to gather information about current Asana usage, goals and pain points, and desired outcomes.

Audit Process

Cassie will then thoroughly audit your practice's Asana Organization, evaluating aspects like organization configuration, task management, communication, collaboration, project inefficiencies, automation utilization, and integrations. 

Post-Audit Zoom Meeting:

Cassie will conduct a Zoom meeting with the practice to present her findings and recommendations. 

90-Day Enhanced Support

Monthly Dedicated Support Calls: Get expert advice for optimal Asana usage in your practice.


Our most popular Asana packages are listed above to get you started. But don't be shy! If you have something else in mind, let's chat and craft a custom plan that's just right for you.


Set up your ASANA the right way!

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