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Course: Asana for Beginners

 Unleash the power of Asana for your practice, no matter your experience level! This beginner-friendly training equips you with everything you need to conquer workflows from established practices to startups. We'll guide you through setting up and understanding your Asana organization. 

ūüĒ• BONUS!¬†This course unlocks a¬†30-minute 1:1 Asana Coaching Session with Cassie.¬†She will provide personalized guidance to optimize your Asana usage, helping you achieve peak efficiency and productivity.¬†¬†




Asana Template: Doctor/Team Communication Board 

Our correspondence board is tailor-made for your team to communicate seamlessly, collaborate with the doctor, and effortlessly add tasks with due dates and more.





Asana Template: Team Calendar

Ditch the paper calendar chaos and embrace the Asana organization oasis! Download your epic team calendar template today, which includes customizable fields, team events, and so much more! 



Asana Template: Team Duties + Tasks

Tired of the "who does what?" scramble when someone takes a break?

Our pre-made team task template is like a mental vacation (even when your team actually takes one)!



COMING SOON: Courses + Webinars + Asana Templates

 Canva for Social Media

Master Designs, Build Your Brand in Canva, and Get Social Media Design Templates!

This webinar will be your one-stop shop for mastering Canva, the ultimate design platform for non-designers. 




 Asana Template

Team Meeting

Our template will effortlessly guide you through all your team meetings, ensuring every agenda item is covered and every participant is engaged.





 The SOP Advantage

 Discover how clear Standard Operating Procedures can improve consistency, staff training, and client experience. We'll walk you through a step-by-step process to create effective SOPs tailored to your practice needs. You will also get access to downloadable templates to jumpstart your SOP development.



 Asana Template

Lunch and Learn

Picture This: You and your amazing orthodontic crew, armed with delicious pizza (or your favorite office fuel!), dive into a cool topic that actually helps you understand orthodontics! This lunch-and-learn template is your secret weapon to turn lunchtime into a smile-filled learning extravaganza!





 Wellness in the Workplace

Do you dream of a workplace where your team thrives, not just survives?

Cassie believes that with a healthy and thriving team, you can accomplish anything. In this course, she'll provide you with the tools, resources, and actionable exercises to transform your workplace into a supportive environment where your team can flourish.




 Asana for Lab Workflow

Are you still relying on paper Lab Slips?

Ditch the Paper!¬†Register for this webinar and discover how to optimize communication, handle daily tasks, and manage clinical checks & doctor correspondence ‚Äď no more paper slips needed!





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