Hi, I'm Cassie!

  a self-proclaimed ortho-nerd and proud millennial  



I've always been driven by a passion to make a meaningful impact.

My lifelong ambition has always been to leave a positive mark on the world. It wasn't always clear how I'd achieve that, but from a young age, I craved making a real impact. I also had a weird obsession with teeth. This led me to the world of orthodontics, a path I initially saw as a profession but one that soon revealed itself as a platform to fulfill my purpose.

Over the past two decades, I've worn many hats in the orthodontic field, from team member to leader turned consultant, lecturer, and practice coach. These experiences have evolved my perspective. While I acknowledge the importance of numbers, a deeper truth emerged: the well-being of our teams was the cornerstone of true orthodontic success.

My realization was simple yet profound: once I truly discovered the heartbeat of orthodontic practices, success lies in the vitality of each team member, and beyond the metrics and financial figures, it became clear that nurturing a culture of support, growth, and well-being was paramount. 

That's why I created EVERBLOOM

I am dedicated to helping teams cultivate an environment where they thrive, unlock their full potential, and shape the future of orthodontics together.

Twenty years in orthodontics taught me a powerful truth:

Orthodontics is not just about technology or procedures.

It's about the people.

Every team member, from scheduling to clinical care, shapes the patient and team experience.

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🖐🏼 fun facts about me


I was born and raised in The Golden State. Though California beaches might be what you’re thinking, I grew up in a tiny, population 5,000 farming town way up north. Think fresh air, wide-open spaces, and way more tractors than celebrities!


From the West Coast to the East Coast! I currently live the quaint New England coastal life, my adorable town is like Gilmore Girls meets the Long Island Sound. Talk about a change of scenery. 


In true millennial fashion, I met my amazing husband with a swipe right (thanks Tinder) ten years ago! Now, we're a dynamic duo wrangling two toddlers and a golden retriever puppy. Our house is full of laughter...and a little chaos!


Helping others is my jam. I can't resist coaching and encouraging people. It's just in my nature. Maybe it's the small-town upbringing, but I love seeing others blossom! 


Creating Everbloom has been an absolute dream come true.

It has allowed me to pour my heart into helping others. Plus, the name "Everbloom" reflects my belief that everyone can keep growing and flourishing, no matter what life throws their way.

Remember, anything is possible, even for a small-town girl with big dreams!

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