Reduce your Dental Assistant onboarding time by 50%

(and your stress!) 

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Train Like a Boss... 

We've all seen it: a new dental assistant eager to start their orthodontic assisting journey, only to be overwhelmed by unfamiliar procedures, software, and terminology. This can lead to discouragement and hinder their ability to contribute effectively.

That's where Trainual for Orthodontics comes in. Our streamlined onboarding system equips new team members with the knowledge and confidence they need to thrive from day one.

Here's how Trainual for Orthodontics benefits your practice:

🖥️  Personalized Digital Playbooks for Every Assistant: No more feeling lost or overwhelmed. We do the work for you! We provide each assistant with a personalized training playbook full of SOPs, practice policies, and how-to's. This clarity builds confidence and sets them up for success.

👏🏼  Knowledge at Your Fingertips - Anytime, Anywhere: Trainual is cloud-based, so your team can access training materials from any device, anywhere. Think increased accountability and improved knowledge retention.

 😵‍💫  No More Shared Drive Folders: Ditch confusion! Everbloom creates clear, step-by-step guides for everything from chairside procedures to instrument sterilization to patient communication. Every new hire gains a solid foundation in orthodontic assisting, regardless of practice size.

🔥  Bonus! Dedicated Support: Get monthly calls with Cassie to ensure you get the most out of the platform for your orthodontic practice.


Playbooks for 

 Established Practices


Is training new orthodontic assistants getting old fast?

Trainual offers a platform to easily onboard new hires and ensure your existing team stays current on best practices.

What You Will Gain: 

  • Customized Playbooks: Track staff progress as they complete training modules and quizzes tailored to their roles.
  • Visual Org charts: Map out your team structure for clear communication and understanding of responsibilities.
  • Defined Roles: Outline expectations for each team member, ensuring everyone is on the same page.
  • Onboarding Reporting: Monitor new hire progress with detailed reports for a successful integration into the team.
  • Proper Delegation: Assign tasks within playbooks, promoting efficient workflow and maximizing staff potential.
  • Actionable Insights: Gain valuable insights into new hire progress and overall team performance through Trainual's reporting features, allowing you to identify areas for improvement.
  • Reduced Costs: Improve staff productivity and reduce the need for rework with clear standardized procedures. Trainual for Orthodontics can help you save money on training, compliance, and turnover.


Don't let outdated SOPs hold you back! 

We can help you create or refine your current SOPs to build a smoother, more efficient orthodontic practice.

Playbooks for



Feeling overwhelmed training new assistants? 

You're not alone. Launching a new orthodontic practice is exciting, but building a high-performing team can be challenging.

What You Will Gain:

  • Customized Playbooks: Track the progress of new hires as they complete their onboarding tasks and quizzes within Trainual.
  • Visual Org Charts: Includes organizational charts to illustrate team structure.
  • Defined Roles: Trainual allows you to outline and create specific roles and responsibilities for each team member within your practice.

  •  Onboarding Reporting: Track the progress of new hires through Trainual's reporting features.

  • Proper Delegation: Clear task ownership within playbooks, specifying which tasks different staff members are authorized to perform.  
  • Set the Foundation for Your Startup Practice: Establish a smooth and efficient onboarding process from day one. Reduce onboarding time by 50%, allowing you to quickly get your new hires up to speed and contribute to the team's success.  


🔥 Bonus for Startups! 

SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) templates to get you started quickly! These customizable templates provide a framework for documenting essential policies and procedures in your practice, ensuring consistent processes.

Everyone Loves Trainual for Orthodontics... 

"Creating playbooks for our team has been a game-changer for our growing practice. Visual org charts helped us streamline communication and avoid confusion, especially as we recently added new staff. We can't thank Cassie enough for her expertise! Her guidance on creating custom playbooks was invaluable, and she ensured our playbooks were tailored to our specific needs."

"Cassie completely transformed our onboarding process. Before working with Cassie, we lacked SOPs. Her guidance and expertise were instrumental in developing a detailed playbook. As a young orthodontic practice, we needed Trainual to improve our team's efficiency."

"Cassie has been a lifesaver for our small but mighty team! Having a central location for all our standard operating procedures (SOPs) has saved us countless hours. A huge shoutout to Cassie for her amazing training! She set up our Trainual and created customized playbooks for our team in a matter of days, which would have taken us at least a year to complete!"