DiSCover Authenticity: Building a Better Culture in 6 Months

Building Strong Teams, Authentic Connections, and Thriving Cultures

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DiSCover Authenticity 6-Month Program Overview

DiSC Assessment 

  • Discover your communication style and those of your team using the DiSC personality framework, fostering mutual understanding and appreciation.

Culture Audit

  • Uncover your practice's existing strengths and areas for growth through personalized assessments and facilitated discussions, including team interviews and culture surveys.

Meet Monthly

  • Gather virtually for a half-day of interactive sessions packed with culture-building, learning, self-reflection, and action planning.

Monthly Goal Setting & Action Plans

  • Work collaboratively to define tangible goals for culture improvement and develop concrete action plans to achieve them.

Skill Development

  • Master essential communication, leadership, and team-building skills through a blend of DiSC exercises.

Accountability & Support

  • Benefit from ongoing guidance and encouragement from facilitators and a supportive community of peers.

Bonus Materials:

  • Access to exclusive online resources on Catalyst™️, including DiSC reports, comparison reports, and additional learning materials.

  • Learn more about Catalyst™️ here. 


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